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«Additional Available Services»

  • Shooting crew 

If you need video recording we can offer you a film crew. The price  depends on equipment you plan to use and amount of cameraman requred for the session.


Usually we suggest 3 cameras with one cameraman for the strings recordings and 4+ cameras with two cameraman for full orchestra  recording session.

  • Orchestration services music preparation - copyists

Orchestration / music prep are available and Vladimir Podgoretsky personally supervise the team of orchestrators and copyists. We have orchesrtate and prepared many projects for our clients including Harry Gregson-Williams, Atli Orvarson, Neal Acree, Aldo Shllaku, Garry Schyman and many others. Here you can find some examples of music been prepared by Vlad Podgoretsky and his crew.

  • Editing

We deliver the Pro Tools session of your project with the last take on top. All other  takes are hidden in playlist. Also we provide  google doc with list of takes with specifications for the each take.


Also, we can edit recorded music after the session and combine the best take for you baed on recommendations you gave us during the recording session. Please let us know if you need this service so we could reserve editing room for this process after the session.

  • Mixing

We are happy to mix recorded music for you. The mixing can be done in the same room where we record the orchestra, and this is an excellently equipped mixing enviroment. You can order 5.1 online mixing or offline stereo mixing.


Please contuct us for more details.

MIXING 2.0 & 5.1
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