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«Moscow Bow Tie Orchestra & Сhoir» inherits traditions of the top Russian Symphonic Orchestras and choirs & every musician is absolute virtuoso.

Moscow scoring | BOW TIE | Remote Orchestral Recording

USA - Movies «Need for Speed» | «Act of Valor» etc.

"Thanks for showing me what you guys can do! It really sounded great. I really liked the sound of that room. Especially in the low-end, it didn't really get muddy or sloppy. Very Nice! I REALLY enjoyed musicians emotion, which is the most important element for me."

USA | Multi award-winning «Hollywood» composer

"I recorded a trailer cue with Vlad Podgoretsky and the Bow Tie Orchestra in Moscow recently and had a very positive experience. Vlad orchestrated the cue from the midi, printed the parts and recorded live while I listened via Source Live. Results were excellent! Orchestra played beautifully and with precision and passion. Normally I prefer being at a session while my music is being recorded but I must say that Vlad's orchestra surprised me with their professionalism and ease to work with. Their pricing is extremely competitive with other Eastern European orchestra's as well. I can honestly say that after my first experience working with them I plan on using them again."

UAS | Composer for «The Mummy» / Archestrator for «Elysium», «Ender's Game», «Ninja Turtles 2»

"I hired Vladimir Podgoretsky's orchestra to record a difficult classical-inspired piece for a drama feature film. The music demanded utmost musicality, tone, understanding of the style, and it had the broadest emotional spectrum I've ever composed in from hushed pianissimo, to dramatic fortissimo. I knew that the Moscow musicians will be at home with this classical style, and they delivered with flying colors. The technical aspects of the recording were superbly handled by Vladimir and everything went perfectly. Vlad works at the Hollywood world-class level, in both technical fluency, organization and the level of his orchestra. The recording studio is also superb for media recording because id its rich acoustics. I recommend Vladimir's recording service with greatest enthusiasm and can't wait to record again.

USA | Composer «Undetectable», «Baywatch»

"Vlad was incredibly helpful, personable, and professional and the ensemble sounded great as well! Fantastic reads & really nice results."

UK | Composer «The 7th Dimension», «Private waltz»

"When I saw the offer on Vladimir's website it sounded too good to be true. However, the orchestra was absolutely brilliant, they played everything with feeling and commitment and I got everything I wanted in a short space of time. And we did it all remotely! I am delighted to have worked with The Moscow Bow Tie orchestra and look forward to a long collaboration."

USA | Composer «The Little Vampire 3D»

"Very pleased with the results. Vladimir was very pleasant to work with. The musicians and crew are really good and fast. The recordings I received were high quality and without any unwanted noises. I would recommend this to anyone."

USA | Composer «The Trouble with Bliss» «Impossible»

"The room sounds fantastic. Probably better than any room of the eastern European services, and I think I used them all. I would say it sounds like a real stage here at the studios in Los Angeles. The players were great, the sound was really crisp."

Germany | Composer for «Schweigeminute», «Mi America»

"This is a highly professional service. I recorded with the 40 p string section and I am very pleased with the results, esp. has given the short time I had booked. I have brought a lot of music into a 90-minute session. The players are very good, for one 3 minute piece even the first take was good enough to use. esp. the 1st violins have a wonderful tone. The quality of the recordings is top notch, no unwanted noises, a lot of microphone positions with different microphone types, including the best Neumann/Telefunken/Royer mics you can get. The HQ audio stream worked flawlessly. I must mention the person who organizes the whole thing - Vlad is a very nice person, who responds very quickly and is very helpful. Before the recordings, I could talk anytime to him. During the recordings he conducted well and managed everything efficiently, which is important as any minute counts. Not one single minute was lost, he and the orchestra were highly focused. 5/5 no question..."

USA | TV shows «Iron man: Extremis», «Haters Back Off!»

"It was a great pleasure to work with Vladimir  and the orchestra. Top notch players. Great conducting. Perfect sound."

USA | Composer «Overdraft», «A Larger Life»

"Thank you Bow Tie Orchestra. Fantastic session. Beautiful players and Vlad is a very fine conductor. I’m sure we’ll be working together again!

USA | Composer «Then There Was Joe»

"Thank you Bow Tie Orchestra! You all are amazing! My sincerest thanks for making my music come to life."

Belgium | Composer «Méprises»

"Good job! Thank you, Bow Tie Orchestra!

USA | Composer

"Bow Tie Orchestra did a fantastic job and I was really happy with their work."

Cheng Yuan

China | Composer

"Great musicians! Great studio!"



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