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Tutorials | «Moscow Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra»

«Moscow Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra & Сhoir» (former Bow Tie Orchestra) inherits traditions of the top Russian Symphonic Orchestras and choirs & every musician is absolute virtuoso.


Melody «Orchestra Voicing»

«Moscow Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra & Choir» (former Bow Tie Orchestra) & Vladimir Podgoretsky are working on a series of orchestration lessons based on the music of the great composers

Live orchestral tutorial made by Vladimir Podgoretsky & «Moscow Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra & Choir» (former Bow Tie Orchestrato let composers to hear the results of  good and bad orchestration decisions  if it has been  performed by t top musicians  at the best studio in Russia. Theory is not good without real practical experience and BOW TIE Remote Orchestral Recording Service gives you this amazing oportunity to learn.


Listen and learn what can be done  to fix some mistakes & improve your orchestration skills and find new ideas for your music. Check it out!

The first tutorial is about Melody voicing.  Is one melody line  can be  all you need to  for the orchestration?   Lets talk about types of  orchestral voicing and find the best solution. Lets play with the simple melody Vlad Podgoretsky came up with and see if this  melody can become full sounded orchestral piece.

Moscow scoring | BOW TIE | Remote Orchestral Recording

Low Register Voicing «Part 1»

Writing for the orchestra with Vlad Podgoretsky