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«Shared Session»

You can get the best deal & book 30 min time slot during our shared sessions

«November 2023»








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If you need to record music for your reel or pitch main theme for director, or jingle or song-a shared session s the best way to go. You can book starting from 30 min time slot and up to 3 hours total.

We have 6 months calendar and you welcome to book at any date we have scheduled. Check this page regularly, as we often update our calendar with upcoming session dates.


You weclome to sign up for our newsletter & we’ll keep you posted when new shared sessions are available.


Please notice that we ask you to credit Moscow Metropolitan Session Orchestra & Choir (former Bow Tie Orchestra) for all public usage including, but not limited to, film credits, album credits, and IMDb credits.


Also notice that the instrumentation for shared sessions is listed on the calendar; we can customize the lineup for an additional charge (billed at their two-hour rate).


We record 25 minutes out 30 minutes time slot and save 5 minutes for the break. 

30 minutes time slot is good for one song, or 3 min demo piece with no overdubs. If you need overdubs with different music you might need to consider that extra pass would take more time to record and plan accordingly. 

Shared Session
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