The Studio is fully set up with video and HQ audio live internet streaming. Get your music recorded in Moscow and have full control during recording from your own studio.

25 strings for $499/30 min


Simply the best symphony orchestra in Russia. Every musician is an absolute virtuoso. 

We are studio pros, orchestrators, conductors who have been working in the industry for many years on both sides of the ocean.

Fully equipped mosfilm studio with 80 channels SSL console and huge park of best mics, specially build for orchestra and chorus.


Bow Tie Orchestra inherits  traditions  of the top Russian symphonic orchestras.  It is  formed specifically for remote recordings and  it proved  over the last years that Bow Tie Orchestra is one of top  services in Eastern Europe. 

Why bow tie? Music is our passion. Every recording is one kind of performance for us and we take it extremely seriously. 

Every musician of Moscow Bow Tie Orchestra is top notch professionals with many years of experience neither to say that every one of them is an absolute virtuoso. There are 21 winners of international competitions plays in our orchestra.

Orchestra played beautifully and with precision and passion. Results were excellent!

BTO - 60pc 2
BTO - 60pc 3
BTO - 60pc 1
BTO - 60pc  Conductor 1


Vladimir  Podgoretsky

Founder, Artistic Director

After earning his B.A. in Conducting from the Moscow State Conservatory and graduating from UCLA film scoring program, Vladimir Podgoretsky has been working for more than 7 years on diverse Hollywood films and animation.  His orchestrator and conductor credits include such films as Season of the Witch, Single Shot, Scavengers, the acclaimed video game World of Warcraft,  the ABC TV series Revenge and others.   
Vladimir composed music for the feature film The Game of Truth from acclaimed producer Timur Bekmambetov and worked as an additional music arranger with film composer Harry Gregson Wiliams on his film Equalizer.
He continues to work as the Artistic Director, Conductor and Lead Orchestrator with Bow Tie Orchestra in Moscow.

Gennady Papin

Chief Sound Engineer 

He has been working at Mosfilm studio ONE  since 1983 and has diverse recording experience from jazz to symphony music. He has recorded music for more than six hundred movies.  His highlights include such recording as The Closing Ceremony of the Olympic games 2014,  music for film Stalingrad (comp. Claudio Badalamenti) Day watch, Night Watch (comp. Y. Poteenko)  Elvira's Haunted Hills (comp. Eric Allaman) etc.

 His recordings  The Adventures of Mark Twain (Mark Steiner)  and The Adventures of Robin Hood (Erich Korngold) has been nominated for Grammy.



         If you are looking to record an acoustic ensemble from a small quartet to a huge symphony orchestra with the mixed chorus with up to 250 people the Bow Tie  Orchestra and the Mosfilm Studio One is the best way to go.  The studio was designed and build by acoustic genius Tom Hidley and renovated by the founder of the UK-based company Recording Architecture Roger D’Arcy in 2006. It is  designed specifically for the acoustic recordings with the huge room (225 000 cubic foot)  with beautiful natural ambiance. The studio is the perfect solution for any of your recording plans. 

The studio was built by the acoustic genius Tom Hidley.  

          The list of equipment is amazing and will match any professional taste and ideas. The core of the studio is one of the kind analog 80 channel Solid State Logic XL9000k console.  The 5.1 loudspeakers are the famous ATC SCM300ASL G Pro.

Perfect for  any size symphony orchestra and  chorus with up to 250 musicians.

Microphone park is huge and includes: 

 Neumann KM 184 (2 mics) Neumann M 147 (2 mics) Neumann M 150 Tube (6 mics) Neumann TLM 170 (19 mics )Neumann TLM 50 (4 mics) Neumann TLM 67 (10 mics) Neumann U87Ai (23 mics) Neumann U89i (4 mics) Neumann USM 69 (1 mic) Brauner VM-1 (2 mics) Bruel & Kjaer 4010 (4 mics) Bruel & Kjaer 4011 (2 mics) Coles 4038 (2 mics) DPA 4011 (2 mics) DPA 4012 (2 mics) ElectroVoice N/D 868 (2 mics) ElectroVoice RE 20,​ Schoeps CMC-5U MK-4 (2 mics) Schoeps CMC-5U MK-5  (2 mics) Schoeps CMC-6U MK22, Schoeps CMXY (2 mics) Schoeps V4 U, Sennheiser MD416 U, Sennheiser MD421 (9 mics) Sennheiser MD431 (2 mics) Sennheiser MD441 (5 mics) Sennheiser MKH 20 (2 micsSennheiser MKH 40 (11 mics) Sennheiser MKH 800 (10 mics) Telefunken ELA M 251E (4 mics) Telefunken U47M, Wunder Audio CM7 FET

and more.

Studio fully equipped for remote recordings.

        The studio is fully set up with video and HQ audio live internet streaming. We use Source Elements software for remote streaming. Get your music recorded in Moscow and have full control during recording from your own studio.



composers Martin Tillman, Satnam Ramgotra, Nicolas Neidhardt 
composer Atli Orvasson
composer Vladimir Podgoretsky



We are absolutely sure  that you will be fully  satisfied with our service.   



We offer various ensembles starting from all included price $399 / 30 min 


16   piece Bow Tie Orchestra with the conductor

40   piece Bow Tie Orchestra with the conductor  

60   piece Bow Tie Orchestra with the conductor 

100 piece Bow Tie Orchestra with the conductor 

35  piece Bow Tie Mixed Choir with the conductor


Ask for the detailed quote and we will get back to you on the same day with calculation!


Bow Tie Orchestra works according to Hollywood standards, and we strive to record at least 7 minutes of your music in an hour of studio time with the highest quality possible.



You can get the best deal and book 30 min time slot during our

shared sessions (starts from $375 / 30 min)

April 27th 2021

Film Music 25 

String section with a re-enforced low end
Strings (8-6-5-4-2)


Overdub orchestra 35

Best choice for using overdubs. The second take will give you full symphony orchestra section
Strings (8-6-5-4-2)
WW (1-1-1-1) 
Brass (2-1-2-1)

Classical standard 40

40 pc string  orchestra 
Strings (12-10-8-6-4)


Full orchestra 60
Strings (12-10-8-6-4)
WW (2-2-2-2) 
Brass (6-2-3-1)



Composer Nathan Furst (USA)

(movies "Need for Speed", "Act of Valor" etc.)


"Thanks for showing me what you guys can do! It really sounded great. I really liked the sound of that room. Especially in the low-end, it didn't really get muddy or sloppy. Very Nice! I REALLY enjoyed musicians emotion, which is the most important element for me."

Composer Garry Schyman (USA)

multi award-winning Hollywood composer.


"I recorded a trailer cue with Vlad Podgoretsky and the Bow Tie Orchestra in Moscow recently and had a very positive experience. Vlad orchestrated the cue from the midi, printed the parts and recorded live while I listened via Source Live. Results were excellent! Orchestra played beautifully and with precision and passion. Normally I prefer being at a session while my music is being recorded but I must say that Vlad's orchestra surprised me with their professionalism and ease to work with. Their pricing is extremely competitive with other Eastern European orchestra's as well. I can honestly say that after my first experience working with them I plan on using them again."

Composer Penka Kouneva (USA)

(composer for "The Mummy"-VR game /orchestrator for "Elysium", "Ender's Game", "Ninja Turtles 2")

"I hired Vladimir Podgoretsky's orchestra to record a difficult classical-inspired piece for a drama feature film. The music demanded utmost musicality, tone, understanding of the style, and it had the broadest emotional spectrum I've ever composed in -- from hushed pianissimo, to dramatic fortissimo. I knew that the Moscow musicians will be at home with this classical style, and they delivered with flying colors. 
The technical aspects of the recording were superbly handled by Vladimir and everything went perfectly. Vlad works at the Hollywood world-class level, in both technical fluency, organization and the level of his orchestra. The recording studio is also superb for media recording because id its rich acoustics. I recommend Vladimir's recording service with greatest enthusiasm and can't wait to record again.



Samokatnaya str. 4a s1

Moscow, Russia 

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