Moscow scoring | BOW TIE | Remote Orchestral Recording

More then 5 years of experience in remote recording services

Moscow Bow Tie orchestra & Choir

One of the best  Remote Recording services in Eastern Europe

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Book a 30 min time slot with the orchestra & choir and get your piece recorded by the best Russian musicians. You can get recorded up to 5 min in 30 min time slot starting from $379 per 30 min


The Studio is fully set up with video & HQ audio live internet streaming. Get your music recorded in Moscow and have full control during recording from your own studio


Simply the best symphony orchestra in Russia. Every musician is an absolute virtuoso. We are studio pros, orchestrators, conductors who have been working in the industry for many years on both sides of the ocean


Fully equipped Mosfilm studio with 80 channels SSL console & huge park of best mics, specially build for orchestra and chorus


Simply check out our tutorial videos with live recorded orchestra. We care about our clients & offer free live recorded orchestra tutorials devoted to various topics including different tips and tricks about orchestra writing and recording

Moscow scoring | BOW TIE | Remote Orchestral Recording

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Our passion for music is undeniable. Let us introduce you to our news

Moscow scoring | BOW TIE | Remote Orchestral Recording

Why «Bow Tie Orchestra»‎ & Choir?

 «Moscow Bow Tie Orchestra & Сhoir» inherits traditions of the top Russian Symphonic Orchestras and choirs & every musician is absolute virtuoso. It was formed  specifically for remote recording and over 5 years has established itself as one of the best services in Eastern Europe. More than 100 composers entrusted their music to the Moscow Butterfly Orchestra. We are proud to say that we have recorded music for such famous composers as Marco Beltrami, Harry Gregson-Williams, Rupert Gregson-Williams, Atli Orvarson, Neal Acree, Mark Orton, Garry Schyman, Penka Kouneva,  and many others.

Why Bow Tie?

Music is our passion. Every recording is one kind of performance for us & we take it extremely seriously. Therefore we dressed in black for our recording every time.  

Every musician of Moscow «Bow Tie Orchestra» is top notch professional with many years of experience neither to say that every one of them is an absolute virtuoso. There are 21 winners of international competitions plays in our orchestra. For the past several years «Bow Tie Orchestra» have recorded music for more then 30 feature films and TV series & we happy to say that all our customers come back to us for new recording sessions.  


Our Recording Studio

Perfect for any size symphony orchestra & chorus with up to 250 musicians

Moscow scoring | BOW TIE | Remote Orchestral Recording

If you are looking to record an acoustic ensemble from a small quartet to a huge symphony orchestra with the mixed chorus with up to 250 people the «Bow Tie Orchestra» & the «Mosfilm Studio» One is the best way to go.  The studio was designed and build by acoustic genius Tom Hidley and renovated by the founder of the UK-based company Recording Architecture Roger D’Arcy in 2006. It is  designed specifically for the acoustic recordings with the huge room (225 000 cubic foot)  with beautiful natural ambiance. The studio is the perfect solution for any of your recording plans. 

The studio was built by the acoustic genius Tom Hidley